Who should attend? Dogs 5 months old & up. Class will cover basic obedience, manners and minor problem solving . After completing basic obedience, advanced classes will be encouraged, for those who are interested—from competition to greater reliability and fun for both you and your dog.
What will my dog learn? Sit, stand, down, come, stay, leash walking & watch. We start simply and build time & distance. We will perform individual and group exercises. Both verbal and hand signals will be used.
Where are the classes?Contact Barbara for upcoming locations.
When are the classes? Contact Barbara for upcoming dates & times.
Why should I take my dog to class? All dogs need to learn basic manners in order to function in society (both human and animal). Dogs are considered rude in both worlds if they jump, bite and act unruly. Taking your dog to class will teach you how to communicate with your dog and (with practice) get results that will make life better for both of you!
How do I learn to train my dog, how much will this cost and how long is the class? Your teacher, Barbara Brinkerhoff of Doggie Concierge (www.doggieconcierge.net) will guide you through the process. (Please feel free to contact her at otrumper@sbcglobal.net with any questions). Fees are $160.00 for six weeks. (50 minute classes)
SPECIAL NOTES: First class meets WITHOUT dogs. Owners are required to bring proof of rabies & other shots.
NOT for dogs with aggression issues. Referrals are available for these problems

Bio: I have been working with and training dogs my entire life. As a child in the country, strays used to follow me home or to the bus stop. These dogs ranged from pure breeds to mixed breeds. I always wanted two from every breed to start my own "Noah's Ark" !My thirst for dog knowledge led me to study the different breeds, characteristics and standards. Eventually I purchased a dog and showed him in obedience. His performance was "stellar" and we competed in elite shows. There, we were discovered by a talent scout who wanted "Rusty" to star in TV commercials (another story). Rusty taught me everything; love, compassion, patience and humility. Because of Rusty, I am now on my fourth dog who excels in obedience, field and conformation (breed) competitions. I have been told that the success of my dogs is due to the way I raise and train.Today we hold titles in field, obedience, breed and rally. Most of our titles are duplicated internationally. We also dabbled in agility. I apprenticed with a well-known professional dog trainer for four years to perfect my experience with a wider variety of dogs. I love working with people and their dogs, whether the goal is competition or companionship! To supplement my learning, I walk, board and house-sit dogs. Walking is limited to either individual or small groups of two to five dogs. I am a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. A good citizen title is needed for therapy dog programs. Sometimes landlords require this certification before renting to people with dogs.


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